Dog sitting my daughter's dog Nina one day, I'd put Nina in the dog pen while I went about watering the garden.

When Nina started barking I thought it was that she wanted out of the pen, or perhaps there was someone going by on the road.

Looking around , I saw these two youngsters, come to enjoy the nice dew-dampened grass by the garden...

I went inside to get my camera, not expecting them to wait, and expecting them to bolt as soon as I moved.

But they stayed around, and when I tried to get closer, they did not bolt.  Very slowly and using a brush pile to screen , I was eventually able to

get within about 25 feet of one :)

They were aware - but not particularly wary of - both me and Nina....

they did finally start to get nervous, wagging their tails at each other , and finally ambled off into the woods.

I hope these two learn a little more wariness before hunting season !


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