One of the best things about working on a Democratic campaign in central NH is going to the Backroom for the victory party :)

Superb food and company!

As a photographer, I'm fascinated by the array of cameras, lights, microphones, wires, and we don't very often see the media from that perspective.

Watching the pros walk around with $10-15 K worth of cameras casually slung over a shoulder is kind of interesting too.

The single thing that caught my attention the most, though , was for the first time really noticing the reporters.

I never figured out their affiliations, but there was one woman and a couple of men who did their reporting standing on the floor. Two women reporters stood on chairs; one had a box. I was fascinated by this. To stand on a chair is sketchy enough in my view of the world. To stand on a chair, wearing high heels, with an umbilical cord and audio box hanging on your back, while exuberant party people are all around you - not all of whom, by the way are entirely sober - and deliver your lines with professional grace ! 


Ladies of the press, my hat is definitely off to you!!!

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