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Well, ,Happy New Year !

A little late, but it's still a mostly new year :)

No better way to start a new year than with some winter hiking!


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I was in Bartlett overnight for some business that got completed Weds, leaving Thursday free.

Haven't gotten out hiking much the last few weeks, so even though I didnt really feel like hiking I thought I ought to go.

I was a little concerned what shape I'd be in.Plus was dragging myself. Plus not much time.

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Hmmm .... Middle & Peaked in the Green Hills Preserve offered a decent distance, relatively modest, and some bailout options ....

Wanted to return to bayle Mtn in the Ossipees, and wanted to show it to The Lovely Virginia.

It's a short hike, with an excellent open summit overlooking Conner Pond and with good views of

Mt Flagg, Mt Shaw, Faraway Mtn and Bald Mtn, and into the Whites - Carter Dome, Baldfaces, Kearsarge.
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We couldnt have asked for a nicer day. Cool , clear, color just starting to show in a few spots ... all to ourselves :)

Ok, so I've been so busy with the election that I've missed most of the hiking and foliage shoots that I had planned for this year :(

 With this being the last day October, I decided, with a little added push form The Lovely Virginia that I should do at least a road trip and catch the vestiges of the Pumpkin People before they disappeared.

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The weather in Southern NH looked wonderful. Was thinking maybe I should have opted for a hike instead.

Miscellaneous chores and no deadline - late getting out again, but at 12.30 I was finally ready.

Being *that* late it was tempting to bail, but dammit, I needed to get out.

I was told just yesterday /

to rush and never waste the day


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So, off I blasted. Much to my surprise, there was a traffic jam on 93, massive slowdown from below 89 to exit 15 :(

Oh well ...

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