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My friend Jon and I have some similar interests ( a lot, really ) and it always seemed odd that we never met up for a hike.

We have been talking about a White Mountain hike for a while; we settled on a time and place, then got rained out.

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But a week later we made it happen.

Well, third time's the charm , as the saying goes ....

For some reason I got it into my head that I wanted to hit all the summits in the Squam range. 

The only one I had left was Mt Squam itself....

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About a month and a half ago I gave that a try, going in from the Doublehead Trail .  I turned back a half mile or so short of the summit - 

A little tired of adventures with the Squam Range, thought I'd pay a visit to the Belknaps.

 But I wanted views, and a little something different.

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Hmm ... I was fascinated with an old unmaintained trail on the Dave Roberts map, and had actually done it in one direction.


Calling it an unmaintained trail is overstating it. It's actually more of a brushwhack with an occasional cairn.... the East end is easy to find; could I find it from the West?

There is a group of friends with whom I've hiked a couple times, but over the winter I've been having to skip hiking with them for various reasons - mostly work and the side effects of pushing a mouse all day.

So when the latest invite came thru, and I saw it was a hike within my range, plus one of my favorite destinations (!) I was pretty excited.

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Unfortunately, it seemed like the destination selected was the other  Parker - the one over in Strafford. Boring, not interested.

Feeling kind of let down, but then I thought what the heck, I clearly wanted to go to Mt Parker, and I decided to solo.

But then it turned out that the mountain actually intended actually was the Mt Parker in Bartlett. Got all that?  Oy.

By this point, my plans to solo were already made, which included an overnight in Bartlett. I decided the simplest course was to follow my plan, meet up with the group on the mountain and probably descend with them....

In the evening, on the way to Bartlett, I watched this fellow chow down at a local farm ....


Decided to finally get up to the Ossipees and check out Bald Knob.

Turtleback is on the Ossipee summits list ... so that seemed worth trying for as well.

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The trailhead was pretty easy to find.  I was grateful for that - arriving at 12:30, I didnt feel I had much time to hunt around!

There is enough shoulder room on each side of 171 to get off the road, so parking was no problem. The trailhead is right on the town line of Tuftonboro. There is a sign proclaiming TuftonBoro as the home of two Olympians.... but there is no sign for the trail itself.


I shouldn't have put off these peaks so long :)

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