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So a few days ago I set out to climb Doublehead ( in the Squam Range ) , with a goal of visiting Mt Squam.


I reached both Doublehead peaks, but turned back on the walk out to Squam, partly tired and partly too late in the day.

That was a good decision at the time, but ... I hate not reaching a target yell

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Today I got out a little earlier, and thought I'd try to reach Squam again, this time from the Mt Percival trail.

This is weird ... I don't know whether I made it. Doh!


This Doublehead is in the Squam Range, off Rt 113, overlooking Squam Lake..

The more familiar parts of this range include Mt.s Morgan and Percival, which are linked to West & East Doublehead via the Crawford-Ridgepole Trail.

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Trailhead was very easy to find: From the 25/113 junction in Holderness, go about 8 miles on 113, look for Thompson Rd (dirt) on the left. There is a road sign at the intersection.

The directions from my usual online sources were a bit out of date; Thompson Rd has been improved to the point where you can drive in ( slowly, the road is passable but rough)  off Rt 113 to a very nice parking area.Very pleasant surprise to avoid a .9 mile (each way) road walk !  :)

Sentinel Mountain in the Ossipees has been sort of interesting for a while, but I've been putting it off for various reasons.

The biggest was simply the apparent maze of back roads and unknown parking.

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But I had some extra time and decided today was the day.

It wasn't too hard to find the trailhead, though I missed the sign for the trail.


Second part of a two-fer. Sentinel and Bayle are both a nuisance to get to. Take a look at the Trail Bandit map - lots of twisty little roads, all alike *1

Also kind of out of the way for me and I hate driving.

They're both smallish but reputed to have good views. So made sense to do them both in one trip, right?

So ... finished up on Sentinel, hopped on ( in ) my trusty steed and HiHo Silver CRV! Away!

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The trailhead is a little perplexing to find. The Trail Bandit Map shows a couple of roads leading to snowmobile trails, from which the Bayle Mountain Trail leads.

I've been eying this for a couple of years, particularly since a trip last year over Tate Mtn.

So today I decided to go.

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So a little research and a quick drive to trailhead.  This was a little hard to find; for some reason the Canaan Rd sign was tipped over and I didnt see it.

But eventually I got on track. There is a hump in Canaan Rd that must give the road agent the willies in winter. It's almost like a carnival ride - whoops, there goes my stomach!   Need to bring my bike up here sometime....

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