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 With the recent weather rainy and the next few days except Friday predicted to be shaky, and with the foliage eking away , was pretty anxious to get out. Looked like Friday might be a window of opportunity, especially early in the day, so off to the North Thursday night. Traffic light, but two different cars on rt 16 varying between 35 (!!) and 45  for miles. Grrr. So later arrival than expected, but ok.

As always, stayed up too late reading, but up at 4:30, which is Way Too Early IMHO.
Out the door by a little past 6 (yes, I move slowly !) , BOT by about 7. Several hours earlier than usual for me :)

 Friday night - up til 1 doing backups after computer crash.
 Normally would do backups *before* computer crash ....
 Sat up 6.30 ... must get to North Conway before noon to pick up a
 part to fix a stove.
 Pack up & get out by ... 8.15. Ugh.

Jackson-Mizpah loop via: Webster-Jackson, Jackson Brook, Webster
Cliff, Crawford Path.

Although that wasn't the original plan ...

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