"Dreaming the fire" is a familiar phrase to anyone who has read much hiking literature, and a familiar experience to anyone who has sat around a campfire quietly on a cool night. But that same meditative state can be achieved by water as well as fire.

I've spent many an hour listening to the voice of the Rocky Branch river. I've heard it whisper in the late summer and I've heard it roar after a sudden cloudburst, or during a Spring melt. I've learned what it is like to have the river's song wash away the cares and worries we clutter our lives with so that the beauty around me that I had not been seeing through the clutter comes into focus.

I try to keep that sense of spirit and openness to beauty with me, and occasionally try to capture just a hint of the memory of it. This site and my photography reflects what I have learned and am still learning from Rocky Branch dreams. I hope you enjoy what I share here ...

May you walk in light, love and beauty,

Tom St.Martin

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