I'd been reading about the Cabin Fever Arts and Crafts Fair in The Forum for a while, and when I found myself with nothing that couldn't be put off a little longer on Saturday, decided to take a ride over to Deerfield.

I'm just as prone to cabin fever as anyone, but I don't often admit it to myself. Not so much a question of needing to get outside as needing to see other people, don't you know. I've been outside plenty this year, particularly if you count the hours behind the snow blower. It's a wonderful machine, but its conversation leaves much to be desired ...

Very shortly I was rewarded with a most welcome sight. Puffy clouds and blue skies are my favorite, but today what brought joy was the spots of bare ground. Sometimes brown & black have their place too.

Entering the old Town Hall, I was treated to the pleasant feel of people coming and going and just being friendly. I'm not a part of the Deerfield community, but nobody seemed to mind and I had a few chats with local artists like Torin Judd and Michele Godbois. There was quite an interesting mixture of offerings. I saw pickles, Maple Syrup, jewelry, pottery, knitted goods and more. But the paintings on display were my favorites. I've made maple syrup, I've made pottery and pickles. But I can't draw or paint worth a darn ( except maybe the side of a house), so paintings fascinate me.

I also had a chance to speak with Mike Driscoll a bit. People tell me his is the mind that generated the Cabin Fever Arts & Crafts Fair idea. He introduced me to Sarah Kjendal, who provides organizational talent. Talking with them, I was confronted with something of a mystery - apparently, the festival just sort of happens. Both denied that they do much of anything, and insist everyone else deserves all the credit.

Well, maybe. But regardless of who gets the credit, events like this don't just happen; I suspect an awful lot of work goes on behind the scenes. The hall was full of vendors and patrons and everyone seemed to be having a good time getting out and chatting. I'm very glad I went!

My one regret is that I didn't go earlier. The baked goods in the kitchen looked awfully tempting, but my diet does not forgive muffins or cookies in the afternoon :(

Gallery / slide show

I did take a few pictures of things that caught my eye, where I could get a reasonably clear shot ...

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