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Jackson-Mizpah loop via: Webster-Jackson, Jackson Brook, Webster
Cliff, Crawford Path.

Although that wasn't the original plan ...


      • Plan to go to Monroe via ART - check.
      • 5 hours of sleep - check.
      • new boots  - check.
      • new socks - check.
      • new pack  - check.
      • new camelback bladder - check.
      • skip MWO summit forecast - check.
      • Realize need to water garden; incur 2 hour departure delay - check.
      • Drive to Fabyans, see Monroe/Washington totally in the clouds, bail for Jackson - check.
      • Boots on trail by 11.10 AM  - check.
      • Surprise at trail more challenging now than in January - check.
      • Get barked & growled at by aggressive dogs on summit - check.
      • Nearly drown at Mizpah while still learning how to drink from a
        camelback - check.
      • Black fly blitzkrieg on descent - check.
      • Semi-panic on reaching rt 302 and not seeing car - check.
      • Have fabulous day, despite obstacles and new equipment foibles -
        check.  :)
      • Take way too many pictures and spend ridiculous amount of time
        sorting - check.  :)

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