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My friend Jon and I have some similar interests ( a lot, really ) and it always seemed odd that we never met up for a hike.

We have been talking about a White Mountain hike for a while; we settled on a time and place, then got rained out.

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But a week later we made it happen.

So, neither of us has been getting out enough, especially me, and especially not in the Whites.

We've both been out in the Belknaps and the Ossipees, but the Whites are a different league.

So we settled on something easy - South Moat, with an option to go for Middle as well.

Of course, it being a hot day we thought the best strategy was to wait until noon to get boots on the ground. 

If you're going to suffer your way to a summit, might as well go all in undecided

We made pretty good time, reached the summit in about 2.5 hours.

South Moat has outstanding views, but it was pretty hazy today.

Washington was clouded over, with an occasional peek out from under the blanket.

As a partial offset to the haze, the broken clouds provided some nice broken lighting.


Had lunch, hung around a while ...

then headed over to Middle Moat. I thought I had been to middle, but now I dont think so. Maybe only as far as the first ledge opening.

It was pretty fun, with a little bit of brush encroaching the trail. Kind of reminds me of hiking around Mt Major - tons of people, but get just a little way beyond the main attraction and - nobody. Despite the outstanding ledges on Middle.

Had a good look at the col between Middle and the junction with the Red Ridge. Eeek. I don't have much interest in a traverse after looking at that :)

So ... back we went after a little while. The crowd on South had packed up and gone. The heat really hit us once we got out of the nice breeze and into the woods. And the gnats. But no trouble with biters, thankfully.

Made it back to the car, happy to have some water waiting for us!

Back to camp, supper, some conversation and some sleep!

Next day it was laze around the river a bit, watch Okie chasing minnows and sticks and generally enjoy a good splash.

Then pack up and head to Jon's house, where he gave me a tour of the conservation land surrounding his house. Pretty sweet back yard! 

But I was hot, tired and pressed for time , so we didnt do the full tour. Maybe another day :)

 On the way home, I couldn't resist stopping to take a pic of a farmer gathering his hay....

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