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Ok, so not really much of a trip.   Just out the back door, in fact.

Been kind of tied down with an injury, so not hiking so much the last couple of months, which has been very frustrating with some of the stellar weather we've had.  But ... such is life.

Anyway, with Spring finally arriving I saw this fellow out and about yesterday. He looks pretty hungry, probably looking for Spring breakfast!

Gallery / slide show

I felt bad for him when he dropped something he had found off the ledge, but he took it in stride and found something else to chew on.

Then he wandered off to see what the neighbor's chickens might have missed.

Kind of cool seeing a raccoon. A little disquieting too.

They used to be frequent visitors til the rabies epidemic a few years back wiped out most of them.

Nice to see them coming back, but the idea of another population reservoir of rabies growing is not comforting.

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