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I've been hearing about the new trail at the end of Reed Rd for a while.

It provides access to the col between E & W Quarry summits on the DR Quarry Trail from Reed Rd, off rt 11A.  

It does not have an official name yet.  I think the BRATTS and SPNHF should sponsor a contest or some sort of event to name it :)

"Reed Rd Trail" is just a little too ... pedestrian?   ;)

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Previously, the only approach to this section of trail was via the Quarry trail itself, coming in from Major or Straightback or the Marsh Crossing or Rand.

So this shortens the access quite a lot.

I do have some qualms about that - it seems like some parts of the range *should* be a little inaccessible, and this section of trail fit that bill pretty well.

Oh well, chalk it up to getting grumpy and set in my ways :)

Despite my doubts, I was curious. So I knew I'd have to check it out sooner or later.

I had a bit of time Weds, and since it didnt sound like a views hike I thought I'd just do a quick out-and-back.

It was cool enough that the flies shouldn't be bad; that added to the desire to go ahead and take the opportunity.

I'd read online that the parking was limited; I was surprised to reach the SPNHF kiosk and a parking lot worthy of many a strip mall :O!

Good thinking on their part - I assume snowmobilers will be attracted, and maybe on a busy day the space will accommodate a bit of the Mt Major spillage.

Might as well build it spacious now.

Not knowing what the parking up the road would be like, and thinking maybe this was the property owners' preferred parking area, I left my car here and proceeded to walk up the road.

Came to the gate in about a quarter mile, and there is a little parking area there. Could have saved the road walk; but the exercise was good for me anyway.

Past the gate, the trail is not marked. But all you have to do is follow the most obvious road ( there are several minor side roads; ignore them and stick to the main road). 

Very pleased that there are two clearings which provide a decent view of the Ossippees and some of the White Mountains!!

Continuing along the road, I came to a set of stairs that looked like the signature BRATTs styling and workmanship.  From that point on, the trail leaves the road and switchbacks its way up the mountain with a steady, easily managed grade and very clear and clean treadway.  I thought this was a BRATTs project, but it turns out not so; it was done by contractors and SPNHF volunteers. 

In any case, very nice work and a lot of it went into this trail!!

You can read more about how this land came to be available here on page 32 .

The forest at this point is crisscrossed by what I assume are old logging roads, or perhaps quarry roads or just plain farm roads. These are brushy but still pretty open; I think the snowboarders that I sometimes encounter in Pawtuckaway would be very happy here with a couple or three feet of snow !! :)

The old roads also provide some restricted views. More view than I had expected, which was nice :)

I shortly reached the DR Quarry Trail and had enough time and energy to face a decision ... head to N Straightback or over to W Quarry?   W Quarry won out and I took a stroll over that way, going past the Marsh Crossing junction to the outlook to the SW.  Enjoyed that for a bit, then headed back the way I came.

Lots of moose droppings, none fresh, but no moose.

In fact, no wildlife of any kind. Aside from a backhoe down on Reed Rd and an occasional whisper of wind, the woods were quiet.

No birds, no squirrels, no chipmunks ... odd.

The gentle trrail meant I moved pretty quickly back to the car; there were a couple minor mud patches to be wary of slipping on, but otherwise very smooth sailing.  The flies were a little more numerous as I approached the car , but not too bad. Yet. There're a couple of clean flowing streams nearby; I bet the flies can be vicious.

I may have to go back and take the other route over to Straightback some time.  After black fly season is over ;)



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