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<sigh>  another hot, humid day.

But you either seize the day or not hike.

Gallery / slide show

Nobody else at the Alton Mt Rd trailhead.

Trailhead now has a kiosk and signs ... civilization continues to creep up    undecided

No alternative if we're to keep access,and not see things spoiled by the clueless or inconsiderate.  I get it.

Oh well, happy to still have the woods & trails !   laughing

No bugs near the car.  Brought bug stuff anyway.

Sure enough, within 50 yars, small cloud of deerflies.  But I didnt have to get the bug shirt out, just a hat.

With all the hoopla about ticks, the hike quickly became  walk 4 paces, check for ticks, walk 3 more, wave hands to shoo flies ... repeat ...

but past the field the stage road had no weeds and the flies subsided.

Funny how there will be a swarm of flies or gnats for a short space, then none for a while, then more. 

The culvert draining the bog on the stage road was clogged; the bog is draining over the road. With the water very low it was passable. 

Onward to W. Precipice.

The falls were rather less spectacular than last time I was there .

Reached the top and crossed, onward up the path.  From the top of the falls til fairly near the Blue trail junction,  the trail is a little overgrown.

One short section required waist-high wading thru bushes :(

Beyond that, nothing special to report until I reached the blue trail and started along it.

A lovely bear scat in the middle of the trail, brilliant black full of undigested blackened blueberries.

Crossing a muddy spot ... nice fresh bear track, heading toward Straightback  undecided  OK. I am NOT turning back; descending W Precipice not an option.

On to Straightback, spooked some crows, came upon a patch of blueberries, stopped for a bit .... mmm.

Noise in the bushes behind me ....   phew.  Just another hiker arriving at the patch  :)

Onward ...  enjoy the Straighback summit a bit.   Pack up, head down the trail and ... there was what I at first took for a plastic snake in the trail.

Completely motionlesss. I know these snakes live in NH, but have never seen one , what a delight!!


I marveled for a moment (several - see gallery) and then moved on.

Descent via the Blueberry Pasture Trail was unremarkable ( aside from two more beautifully formed bear scats ).

Lots of loud talking to myself as dusk came on after seeing the scats !

I've never liked the footing of the BPT ... a lot of broken rock , all washed clean, so it's pretty uneven.

But it's what I needed to do the loop I wanted today, so ...

Anyway, arrived back at the car with no mishaps, having stopped a moment to ponder the Silent People.

Pretty nice day, even if it was a little warm  :)

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