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The call came into FSARS* HQ late Weds.




Bloom, the fairy, had failed to return from a hiking trip. Last known location: Gunstock.


Normally this would cause FSAR to spring into action, but there was a heavy backlog that had to come first ...


Finally, on Saturday morning, an FSAR operation was mounted.

The weather looked good ... and a good vantage point was quickly reached ...


But there were some ominous signs ...


But our fears were unfounded ... Bloom stuck with her hiking training, found shelter and stayed put awaiting rescue!



Still, three nights' exposure took its toll , and Bloom was unable to make it out on her own...

A travois was improvised to bring her out safely ...



Fairies recover quickly, and Bloom is no exception. She was soon reunited with her relieved familiar, a water sprite,


and ready for a new adventure!!




* Fairy Search And Rescue Service



Note - this article is intended as light hearted entertainment;  no disrespect for the truly heroic men & women of real life SAR is intended.

The author holds them in the highest regard.



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