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Quite different from Pine Mt , at the opposite end of the Belknaps. Pine Mountain was a gentler hill, with ledge but not so much broken rock.

The trails on Pine Mtn were old farm roads, or gentle single track, with one trail being completely unmarked. All Pine Mtn's trails had grass to walk through , which just screams "Tick!" at me ... though I found none.

Lockes Hill trails were wide open, but with much rockier footing. Similar to Pawtuckaway's North Mountain trails.  But with a much more 'touristy' feel.  It is Rt 11 in the Lakes Region, after all Smile

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Locke's Hill seems designed for a Lakes Region family hike - there are some good views, the trails are well marked and there are nature signs along the way.

Entertaining and educational at the same time !

So, fresh off an unexpectedly long Pine Mtn hike, I found the Lockes Hill trailhead no problem. Parking is good, but it is a popular spot; there were surprisingly many cars there, considering it was a Thursday during the day.

Lockes Hill is in the Kimball Wildlife Forest, maintained by the Town of Gilford with help from UNH. Trailhead is easy to find: Gilford NH, Exit 20 off I-93, Rt 11 East. Look for the trailhead on the right, approx 3 miles past the Laconia Airport.

There is a trail guide/pamphlet which is very nice and has some rules listed in addition to trail descriptions and other visitor information. ( Dogs must be on short leash, day use only, carry in/carry out ). Highly recommended, nice narrative of the area.

There are 2 trails, Lakeview and Quarry. They meet at the trailhead, allowing a nice loop hike, about 2.1 miles, 800 ft gain .

I recommend ascending via Lakeview - as it is steeper and rougher than the Quarry Trail.  Quarry Trail is viewless, but a nice woods walk.

The Glade offers a very nice view, especially on such a nice day. The chairs and cairns were interesting. Tribute to boredom? Tourist feature? I never know quite what to make of granite chairs.... 

The trail is punctuated by nature signs which I think would probably be particularly interesting to parents & kids. 


Plenty of blazes, all very well marked. Though some care might be needed at the summit where the opening for the beacon access road and the quarry and Lakeview trails meet. The entrance to the Quarry trail is a little obscured, but it is blazed and should be easy to recognize quickly enough.

One thing I found very weird is the viewers ... I saw 3 viewers, one at The Glade, one at the summit and one just past the summit on the south side, looking toward Gunstock/Rowe.

I think I've never seen these in the woods ... at Intervale or the old Indian Head resort platform, sure ... but in the woods, nope.


This is a pretty short hike, and might not be worth a special trip by itself, but it is not far from several other Belknap trailheads and certainly is worth including if another hike ( for example Mt Major, or in today's case, Pine Mtcn) is also on the day's agenda.


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