Rainy afternoon and I have been kind of cooped up all week. What to do?

Noticed last night that there is a Model Railroad Show. The 19th annual Lions show in Hooksett NH.

Hmmm ...

Gallery / slide show

There were FAR more people than I expected. For one thing, I thought this was just a show of the local Model Railroad Club. 

Nope. The parking lot was full. There were people from as far south as Connecticut and as far north as Conway.

These were just the folks I happened to chat with. There may well have been people from farther away than that.

Pretty interesting to walk around and look at all the work people put into their hobby. Or perhaps in some cases I should say obsession!

And I don't mean that in a negative way at all! But I can't imagine the work involved in some of the setups I saw, not to mention the effort people put into packing them up, transporting them to various shows, setting them up ...  I got the impression that quite a few of the people I met today are on a circuit of shows.

Fascinating how much effort people will put into things like following a band, or going to horse shows or model trains or ... even photography :)

It's good to have a hobby!

You know something I noticed, though? Most of the time, once the setup was done, people practically ignored the trains clacking and whistling around ...  they were too busy talking to other people.

I wonder whether that isnt one of the big draws of hobbies - rather than some intrinsic aspect of the hobby per se , perhaps the more important aspect is that it provides a medium and catalyst for socializing ..... 

hmmm. Too deep, maybe?   Anyway, it was fun looking at all the stuff !

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