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Ok, so I've been so busy with the election that I've missed most of the hiking and foliage shoots that I had planned for this year :(

 With this being the last day October, I decided, with a little added push form The Lovely Virginia that I should do at least a road trip and catch the vestiges of the Pumpkin People before they disappeared.

Gallery / slide show

The weather in Southern NH looked wonderful. Was thinking maybe I should have opted for a hike instead.


But it looked a bit tougher approaching Franconia Notch ...    I can't believe there were still people headed up Falling Waters at 10.30 in the morning with snow in the air :O !

So, overcast, cold, snow on  the trees. Ugh. Not ready for that.

However, things took a brighter turn on descending Crawford Notch. Blue sky, sun ... and Pumpkin People !

So I rode around Jackson and Bartlett and took a few Pumpkin People shots.

As a bonus, there were some nice shots of Washington too !


I don't much like road trips, riding around, usually pretty boring. But it was good to take a break from electioneering, and turned out to be an excellent day to view the efforts of folks in the Mount Washington Valley :)

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