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I was in Bartlett overnight for some business that got completed Weds, leaving Thursday free.

Haven't gotten out hiking much the last few weeks, so even though I didnt really feel like hiking I thought I ought to go.

I was a little concerned what shape I'd be in.Plus was dragging myself. Plus not much time.

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Hmmm .... Middle & Peaked in the Green Hills Preserve offered a decent distance, relatively modest, and some bailout options ....

So I drove over to Thompson Rd and parked.

I lived for a time in North Conway and got to know these woods fairly well. At first, I was unexcited about going to them again, but that shifted immediately on getting out of the car.

Getting on the trail was a pleasant re-acquaintance.   NEMBA has been noticeably active since I was last there, the signage mostly.

I did not follow the Nemba trails, just the usual hiking route to the Middle Mountain trail, which ascends nicely next to a small chasm with brook.

The trail is moderately steep here, gentles off eventually for a while, and ascends again after passing the junction with the Peaked Mountain trail.

It steepens up nearing the summit, and breaks out onto some ledges with good views S and W, particularly of the Conway intervale and the Moats.

Enjoyed that for a while, then headed back down and over to Peaked.

The Peaked Mountain Trail ascends to a spur trail that takes you to the summit. The spur is steeper than the other trails, with stretches of open ledge.

Peaked summit has nice views S, W and of Black Cap to the east.  Pretty wooded to the North.

Descended the spur back to the Peaked Mountain Trail, and headed North. The spur descent was dry & not too leafy. 

The north descent has some openings that do allow some limited ( but very pretty ! ) views of the Montalban ridge and Washington.

No ice anywhere, but Tues rain and a damp Weds left a deep layer of wet leaves and ledge  on the north side of Peaked.

Lots of boot-size rocks hidden by the leaves. Ankle turner conditions!!  

I took it slow and managed to avoid damage :)  

Surprisingly stressful shuffling along trying to not get a sprain.  I was happy to reach the lower, clearer trail sections and head home.

But above all, very pleased that I had pushed myself to go do it instead of sloughing off!!  :) 



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