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Wanted some elevation and some foliage. And somewhere that I didnt think I'd get trampled.

Have been wanting to redo this loop for a while, decided to give it a try.

After feeding the cats & hanging some laundry, and having to drive to the trailhead from home (ugh!) still managed to

get on trail by 8.30.

Gallery / slide show

Scooting up Rt 16 I blew past the scenic stop , but I just had to turn back and catch this ...

 Only a couple cars in the lot at Diana's Bath. It was warm, but the high point of the DB season is past.

From the parking lot to the junction with the Red Ridge trail, the trail is very flat and practically manicured. 

The Red Ridge trail (crossing Lucy Brook) remains flat for a couple miles, well past the Red Ridge Link ( which connects back to White Horse/Cathedral Ledge).

The treadway is a bit rough for a while, a lot of rocky erosion. But with the gentle grade, a good pace was easy to keep.

The trail is well marked and signed, unlike the first time I was on this trail 20 or so years ago ... it crosses a logging road and a forest road (FR 379).

Just go directly across the roads. Past the forest road the slope picks up a little, following Moat Brook. Eventually it crosses the brook and becomes moderately steep.

The open ledges did not take long to reach, and they don't disappoint. The day was hotter than expected, but not like the furnace I know these ledges can be in the summer!

I saw some motion at my feet and saw a Spruce Grouse, it was alternating between trying to inch away and being completely motionless. She very kindly let me get a couple pics ... then I saw she was not alone, there were two. When they finally took off, I found there was actually a third behind me that I hadnt seen. A virtual flock of grouse! Or is that greese? Grice?  More than I've seen together before, anyway Smile

Had a great time on the Red Ridge, there's so much to look at ! Definitely worth slowing down for.

Once back in the woods, the junction with the Moat Mountain trail came quckly. Neat spot, just a few rocks poking up out of the woods just enough to get some good views.  

Heading toward North Moat, the trail descends quickly into some very pretty woods, which are nicely open with small evergreens at first. That shortly turns into a tunnel thru some very thick trees that engender one thought - 'glad there's a trail!'  I would not care to bushwhack thru this stuff.

The woods opened out soon though and it was back uphill. There are several good outlooks along this section. Very nice,  just enough in and out of the woods for some nice shade and some views breaks. The only down side is every time I popped out of the woods I was farther from the summit than I expected. But always closer than I had been ... so ... onward.

It was on this section I met two parties, a total of 5 people.

I had the summit to myself for about 40 minutes. Well, except for a raven ... but I was happy to share the summit with him. But not my snacks.

The views by this point had gotten pretty hazy, but still worth the walk.

Finally decided to head down. Met two more parties who were ascending, bringing the total to 9 people for the day ( discounting the Diana's Baths people at the end ).

Pretty awesome - didnt get trampled once, and the only dog I met was friendly!

I should have carried more water, I underestimated how hot it was going to be.  I ran out about 3 miles from the trailhead. Of course, from that point on the trail was pretty flat , but it definitely was annoying walking alongside Lucy Brook and not wanting to chance a drink!   Foot in Mouth


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